Polk County seeks

Polk County seeks volunteer subcommittee
members for development of trail plans

BALSAM LAKE – At the March 20, meeting of the Polk County Board of Supervisors, Resolution 28-18 was adopted to authorize a comprehensive planning process for the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail and Cattail Trail (Polk County Segment) Plan. This resolution sets in motion a process to develop these trail plans. The process chosen by the Polk County Environmental Services Committee to obtain recommendations on the development of these plans is to form a trail planning subcommittee. A project website has been developed and can be found at co.polk.wi.us/parks. This webpage will, at a minimum, contain the following: meeting agendas, meeting minutes, draft plans and opportunities for public input.

Trail information

The Stower Seven Lakes Trail is an abandoned railroad bed running from 90th Avenue in the Town of Osceola to the city of Amery. The WDNR purchased the land and reached an agreement with Polk County for the county to operate the trail and determine its use.

The Cattail Trail is a railway corridor which extends from the western trailhead in the city of Amery to the Village of Turtle Lake for the Polk County segment. The railway corridor also continues into Barron County.

Trail planning subcommittee membership

The trail planning subcommittee shall consist of seven total members: one member from the ESC who will chair the subcommittee, one member from the Friends of the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail group, the remaining five members will be selected from the applications received, in accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Rule NR 44.04(7). 

Role of Subcommittee

The role of the trail planning subcommittee will be to identify issues related to management and use; submit suggestions to the county regarding future management and use of these properties; identify and evaluate proposed property goals and objectives; evaluate management and use alternatives; develop an online survey for public input with the assistance of staff; hold one public hearing on the trail plans; and hold one open house on the recommendations of the trail plans.

Terms of Subcommittee

The trail planning subcommittee will meet for a maximum of six meetings, including the open house and public hearing. The subcommittee will begin meeting by June 8. The subcommittee has a sunset date of Sept. 15, 2018. Membership on the subcommittee is a volunteer position. No compensation for membership on the subcommittee shall be given. Roberts Rules of Order shall be the structure for subcommittee meetings.

How to apply for the subcommittee

Interested parties can find the application for the trail planning subcommittee and directions for submitting the application at co.polk.wi.us/parks. Applications are open now through Friday, May 11. Selection of subcommittee members will be conducted by the ESC at their Wednesday, May 23, meeting.

For further information, contact Deb Peterson, director of Buildings, Solid Waste, Parks and Forestry Department, at 715-485-9294 or email polk.recreation@co.polk.wi.us.