Winter weather has a hold on spring sports again

Spring of 2018 has the makings of what many coaches still remember in 2014, when heavy snow and inclement weather had a grip on much of the spring season. Above, the Frederic/Luck track team took a moment for a photo on top of a huge pile of snow during the 2014 spring sports season

Marty Seeger|Staff writer

LEADER LAND – The spring sports season is on pause once again this week as another round of snow and cold has gripped the area and shows no signs of letting go anytime soon. Along with the general public there are plenty of local high school coaches and athletes itching to get outside with the exception of some of the track teams that have been busy competing indoor at some of the larger schools and universities, yet not all events are held indoors.

Other than the Webster baseball team, who was able to play a pair of games farther south in Mauston last week, there’s little hope that softball or baseball teams will get out on the field in the next two weeks, and boys golf, which began March 26, for their first official day of practice, will be delayed further.

“The weather stinks,” said Grantsburg baseball coach Pete Johnson. “There is no doubt that the WIAA should push the season back and have all teams begin practice on April 1 every year. This two-week later start would improve the season for all teams, even in years when we don’t get late-March snow. I don’t know what it will take to convince the WIAA to make this change.”

This year has all the makings of what many coaches remember in 2014, when more than half the season was wiped away by snow. And when the snow did finally disappear, inclement weather was frequent, forcing many teams to schedule doubleheaders and some Saturday games before the playoffs began. By then, teams were just starting to get warmed up. But some coaches remain positive. Webster track coach Roy Ward said in an email that they are working out some details for a potential indoor meet at UW-Superior on Saturday, April 14.

“We’ve battled this before and won. We’ll make the best out of it and be creative.”

This spring is a far cry from what it was like just a year ago, when most baseball and softball teams were already playing games by early April. The first conference match of the season for boys golf teams last year was played on April 13.

There was still plenty of snow cover on the Luck baseball field Tuesday, April 3, with more to come the following evening. The chances of an upcoming game anytime soon in Luck, or anywhere in the Leader Land area, appear grim over the next couple of weeks. – Photo by Marty Seeger