2018 spring elections WASHBURN town, village & city

Villages elect half the trustees


Birchwood / elects two trustees         Contest

T:  Nancy Seffingal (I)

John Depoister (I)

Linda Zillmer


Minong / elects three trustees

No contest

T: Karen Baker (I)

Andy Podratz (I)

James Schaefer (I)


Cities elect a Mayor and half of their alderpersons


Shell Lake / two seats in each ward                               No contest

Mayor: Sally Peterson (I)


Ward 1: Mike Andrews (I))

Brent Edlin (I)

Ward 2: Ken Schultz (I)

Dan Harrington (I)


Spooner / one seat in each ward                                 No contest

Mayor: Gary Cuskey (I)


Ward 1: Rick Coquillette (I)

Ward 2: Carol Blizzard Dunn (I)

Ward 3: Daryl Gabriek (I)

Ward 4: Tim Donovan (I)



Towns with five member boards


Minong / two supervisors                                              No contest

Supervisor 3: Linda Featherly (I)

Supervisor 4: James Smith (I)