Buried in time

The Burnett County Historical Society’s Research Library uncovered a potential historical gold mine but needs the public to help in remembering exactly where it is located.  A ledger titled “‘Contents of Time Capsule’ sealed May 30, 1977” doesn’t indicate the capsule’s location but lists a wide range of items enclosed. The original date looks like it was intended to be sealed in December of 1976 at the end of the nation’s biennial celebration. Perhaps the container was going to be buried, and it needed to wait until the ground could thaw or it was publically sealed on Memorial Day in 1977. It is speculated that the county officials at the time may have been involved with the project. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact us at the Inter-County Leader.



    • We may have and we will look on Monday but we thought it may be interesting to see what the community may remember. The inventory lists that a few Inter-County Leaders were included in the contents.

  1. I remember when the Burnett county historical interviewed my Grandfather William (Bill) Spafford back in the 70s .He was a mail man back in the 20s i believe . He told them where all the old main road where and alot about the county and meanon township.The interview was all recorded on tape.i Know they where going to put it in a time capsule. Wish i had more Info.