Polk County attorney and military veteran Margaret Engebretsion seeks 7th Congressional seat

Margaret Engebretson

SUPERIOR – Margaret Engebretson announced her candidacy in Superior on February 12 for the Democratic nomination for Wisconsin’s U.S. 7th Congressional District seat, which covers much of western and northern Wisconsin. The seat currently is held by GOP Rep. Sean Duffy who has been in that office since 2010.

The 46-year old Balsam Lake attorney and 24-year military veteran said: “I’m running because of my deep love, gratefulness, and sense of obligation and duty to my country,”

Engebretson said: “I am devastated, saddened, and very concerned about our country’s future. I asked myself: ‘How can I best help my country right now?’ That is why I am running for this seat.”

“To the people of the 7th Congressional District, I pledge to have your back,” she said, echoing the foundation of her campaign platform.

Among her key issues are:

  • National security
  • Healthcare
  • Rural economic development

Engebretson is the only woman, veteran, and former union worker believed to be in contention for the Democratic nomination.

She was born in St. Paul, MN, and served three years on active duty in the U.S. Navy followed by 21 years in the Naval Reserve and Minnesota Air National Guard. She worked as a union locomotive electrician and train dispatcher for the BNSF Railroad.

Engebretson graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior and later the University of Wisconsin Law School, after which she focused her time on Guardian ad Litem work in Balsam Lake, WI.

She said: “My varied life in the military and in civilian pursuits has given me a useful perspective on the issues facing the 7th Congressional District. I would find it an honor to represent the good people of this district in Washington.”

“Currently, the 7th District has a representative that seems non-responsive and out of sync with the tough issues facing our district. We must start investing in our people by pursuing policies that promote true sustainable growth in our economy, unity within our society, and provides for long-term stability,” Engebretson said.

“The people of the 7th have busy lives – taking care of their families, earning a living, and engaging in their communities – they need a representative in Washington they can trust.  I want people to know that I’ll have their back,” Engebretson concluded.

More information at www.vetfordemocracy.com