Aarika James Automn Osmondson

Multi-Lingual Beauty Dies while Crossing Her Eyes & Dancing to “Rock Lobster”

Aarika James Automn Osmondson, aka “Baby V,” “Peanut,” “Nutmeg,” “KA-Ka,” and Mall of Aarika, a beautiful and brilliant 26-year-old woman, made her incredulous unpredictably predictable, “that’s so Aarika” exit on Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018, at 12:58 p.m., with the love of her life holding her earthly body.

Our Peanut came into this world, like she did everything, on her own terms, on June 11, 1991, and was immediately dubbed “our favorite first-born child.” An amazing athlete, she loved the water and lettered early before swimming like a shark through her world. But her competitive spirit did not stop at the water, especially with two younger siblings. One of her most finely-honed skills was creating games with ever-evolving rules, such as the “I Forgot to Tell You, I Can Do That, but YOU can NOT” Rule, which was never to be confused with cheating. However, even in victory, she was benevolent with her brother and sister:  exercising her GENTLE WILL, Aarika’s four $1 bills were often exchanged for their single $10 bill – “As everyone knows, FOUR is more than ONE!”

Aarika was one of the most generous souls we ever had the pleasure of knowing. Some know she had her head SHAVED more than once to donate to Locks of Love, most notably just before Christmas 2017 … really!!! Nice family picture!  But Aarika didn’t care about that. Rather, someone who didn’t have hair, now got her beautiful locks – after all, she could just grow more.

Baby V’s uncanny ability to transform herself into the most absurdly silly-faced, blueberry-eyed cartoon character would routinely create laughter and face contortion contests in equal measure. Her irreverent sense of humor could not be contained, as she would bust out wiggling to “Achy Breaky Heart,” “Mombo #5,” “I Like Big Butts,” or “Rock Lobster” while performing an interpretive dance as a velociraptor in the middle of the road or even through the showroom of a car dealership.

A trend setter and modest young woman, Aarika was quite possibly the only SIZE 0 who thought she NEEDED SPANX with her 5″ heels or 4″ strappy-zippered-platform boots. The designers behind Dolce & Gabbana, Clinique, Louis Vuitton, Maybelline, Gucci and SpanX are expected to be devastated by the inspirational loss caused by the final closing of the Mall of Aarika.

Our Nutmeg enjoyed Zebra Cake Rolls, Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate milk, spaghetti, eggnog, McGriddles, freshly-baked, squished bread and every crisp juicy apple that ever crossed her path. She loved to entertain and to help people join her in inappropriate laughter at the absurdities of life.  She hated “poison” (mustard), political correctness, CoNfOrMiNg, hypocrisy and stereotypes. Aarika lived more EVERY day than most do in a lifetime.

Although Aarika’s language skills were no secret, most were surprised to learn that English was actually her third language, behind Mumble and Profanity. But her artistic expression went deeper than just language. Her works expressed raw emotion; from a deep, dark, cold, lonely pain that could be felt with every charcoal smudge, to the UnPaRaLLeLeD JOY brought to life through a single jubilant brush stroke. Her collections of quotations were applied equally across soul penetrating collages, insightful journals and playful ransom notes. If you are among the blessed, you possess one of Aarika’s creatively handmade-just-for-you gifts that will undoubtedly be cherished forever.

Aarika’s regrets were few, but included the snake-skin pants worn in Miss Koskela’s third-grade class, “bathing” the family kitty in the LAKE, adding hot sauce to her sister’s spaghetti in 1999, crashing her brother’s car, shooting more deer than her father, allowing Jason to win at Thumb War, and beating her Mom-Bomb at Spoons, “that one time.”  Aarika considered a dare a challenge, with nearly nothing she wasn’t willing to try at least TWICE.

Aarika is survived by her faithful best friend and partner of three years, Joe Zillgitt; “Mom-Bomb,” Pamela Scharton; step-dad “Three-Top,” Jason Scharton; father, James “Dork” Osmondson; stepmother, Michelle; brother, “Captain Cupcake Krusty Pantz,” Landon Osmondson; Big-Lil Sis, “Brussel Sprout,” Allaskah Scharton; stepbrother, “Bronze Charmer,” Joey Scharton; stepsister, “Llama Legs,” Jenny Scharton; stepsister, Sarah Hesse; grandma, Pauline Lawrence; grandma, Marlene Osmondson; Grandma Elsie and Grandpa Terry Scharton; and grandma, Gretchen Becherer. She is also survived by many aunts, uncles, Great-But-Not-as-Awesome as Aarika; cousins, friends and acquaintances who may have thought they were there, in part, to help Aarika. In truth, they soon realized that they had unknowingly become HER student. Preceded by many, but most notably grandpa, Floyd, grandpa, Richard, grandpa, Carl and nephew, Baby Ascher.

Aarika died, as she lived, on her own terms, KICKING ADDICTION’S A$$!!  While the true cause of death has yet to be determined, she is believed to have passed after delivering a dose of her scathingly sharp wit, in an unfortunate, “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue” stand-off.  While far-fetched, it will turn out to be, most assuredly, more interesting than the facts.  Aarika’s proudest achievements were the time spent with family and the years at Joe’s side, though he is quick to say that he was most often just trying to keep up with her unlimited zest for life.

Aarika filled our lives with adventure, artistry, laughter and JoY.  Thank-you, Aarika, for blessing our lives with All of YOU.

Services will be held at Mount Carmel Lutheran Church, 1701 St. Anthony Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55418Tuesday, March 20, at 11 a.m., with snacks and laughter to follow.  Attendees should avoid wearing black and be prepared for spontaneous renditions of, “You are My Sunshine.”

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Saint Stephens Human Services (ststephensmpls.org/donate, 2309 Nicollet Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55404.  Gifts to the family will also be donated in Aarika’s name.

The family’s condolences are extended to those who don’t have a daughter, sister, aunt or friend as STUPENDOUSLY FANTASTIC as our Aarika.



  1. I don’t know her, but by reading her obituary, she was one classy, fun loving, young lady! God Bless those that were blessed to know this happy soul.