Use our veterans to guard schoolkids | Bill Kurtz

We need guns in the schools to shoot back. Body shields won’t work!

I wrote a letter to the editor after the first school shooting and suggested that we should have coaches and custodians with access to guns so as soon as they hear there is a shooter in the school they would know where that shooter is and could get to that room very fast and stop him in his tracks.

Because of all the opposition to teachers having guns and not being trained, I suggest we get military veterans, even some with disabilities. They could handle those issues and have been trained for that as well as how to handle guns!  They also may have had to deal with this type of thing already. We can’t expect police to get there very fast and then may not know how to get to the shooter. By the way, I think the police are trained to evacuate everybody before they go in so the kids don’t get in the crossfire.

It takes time for police to get there and they have to get in.  This gives the shooter time to kill more people.

Who better than veterans to do this? Many of them get out of the service and can’t find jobs or are depressed and then end up living on the street, which I find really disturbing for this country.  I think some of them would volunteer just to have a reason to get up in the morning and then if they could eat and interact with these kids it would be beneficial for the kids and the vets.

We could encourage them to speak about their experiences. This may also help prevent bullying by some students which is why some shooters do that.

It would be good if the vets had some tasks to do to prevent boredom. They would not have to carry guns in the schools if they had several places they could get one in a hurry, however, if they went outside they should carry one.

Then post signs at all doorways stating that security inside is armed and can shoot back or something to that effect.

Bill Kurtz

St. Croix Falls