Ambulance issue a potential house of cards | Lisa Robbin

Residents of North Land 974/975 Ambulance Service area:

What drugs/procedures can we actually give at Northland versus a paramedic service per the Wisconsin EMS Scope of Practice?

While we can’t give second-line drugs that a paramedic does, we still can give early drugs to help save your life with your emergency.

We also have brand-new, state-of-the-art cardiac monitors.  We can send electronically the cardiac 12 lead to the emergency room doctor, and who can decide if you, the patient, need to be sent to a cath lab.  The emergency room doctor will possibly start a helicopter to their hospital for transfer to the Twin Cities to open up your heart vessels.

Remember, there is an elementary school in the village of Frederic.  Can we really afford to wait for lifesaving drugs with Lakes Region EMS Ambulance coming from Milltown or Centuria if they are on a long-distance transfer?  North Land 975 Ambulance to Frederic Elementary is 0.6 miles, while Lakes Region EMS Ambulance (Milltown) to Frederic Elementary is 10.4 miles and from Centuria is 15.7 miles.  Is the village board willing to wait when North Land 974/975 has the same first-line drugs and first responders?

Please contact your village board members who are making this decision regardless of what the poll results are.  Tell them we don’t want to lose our North Land 974/975 ambulance that sits across from U.S. Bank in downtown Frederic.

The residents of the additional 10 communities that make up North Land Ambulance, remember the second option of the Lakes Region EMS proposal (paragraph 6) of dropping to one ambulance station in Luck to serve all the communities.  Between the two ambulance services, we have four ambulances that cover almost all of Polk County.  The option is to drop one ambulance.  Now four ambulances, down to three ambulances.  When one Lakes Region EMS Ambulance is on a long-distance transfer, now there are two ambulances covering almost all of Polk County.  While two ambulances are covering the county, if one is needed on a 911 call, now there is one ambulance to cover almost all of Polk County.  Add in the tourists and when that last ambulance goes out on a 911 call, now there is nobody covering the area that is contracted through Lakes Region EMS and mutual aid will be utilized, uncovering those areas that are contracted through other ambulance services.  Staying with Northland 974/975 Ambulance, we provide two ambulances in service for 911 and we do not take our ambulances out of the area for long-distance transfers.

It’s a house of cards, folks, with losing one ambulance, it can easily come tumbling down.  Call your elected board members, tell them you do not want Lakes Region EMS to replace two ambulances with one ambulance.  Keep North Land intact with two 911 ambulances in your 11 communities.

Lisa Robbin

MN/WI Paramedic


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