Vote with values | Sherrie Wiegand

When you think about voting and the division in politics right now it seems difficult to feel enthusiastic about voting at all.

However, voting is not only important, it’s patriotic too. Citizens won the right to vote by overcoming many barriers.  So maybe we can think about voting for our values instead of a particular party. Think about your values and read about a few of mine.  You can ask candidates or look them up online to check out their values.

I will vote for the person who supports the value of our constitutional freedoms and Bill Of Rights.  I also will look for someone who supports clean air and water by keeping the Environmental Protection Agency strong with regulations and inspections that really provide protection for the long term.  Repairing infrastructure in order to restore clean water without lead or other harmful substances is very important to the health of present and future generations.

Leadership in actions against climate change will also get my vote because I value keeping the earth healthy for generations to come.  I also value criminal justice reform in order to simultaneously reduce the tax dollars spent on prisons, provide treatment and jobs for nonviolent offenders and support increases in community policing to build safer neighborhoods.

I will also vote for someone who will protect voting rights of all Americans regardless of race, gender, color or religion and who will work to change gerrymandering that restricts some voting rights. Reducing gun violence in America is another value that I will look for in candidates.

I will want a candidate to promise to make background checks mandatory for all gun sales, reduce sales of military-type automatic weapons and find a way to stop private sales at gun shows and online to people who cannot pass a background check.  I will strive to not just choose one value or one issue for my vote because I don’t believe the USA can be effectively governed by a one-issue candidate.  What are your values?  Do your personal inventory and then vote at every election.

Sherrie Wiegand