Man allegedly rammed woman’s head into steering wheel

Broken nose and clumps of hair pulled out in car domestic

BALSAM LAKE – A trip home from a casino date ended with an Osceola man calling his on and off girlfriend expletives and then allegedly slamming her head into the car window and steering wheel, even pulling out her hair in his outrage.

The incident has drawn a felony charge of substantial battery against Andrew Rammer, 35, Osceola, who also faces a misdemeanor battery charge, with a domestic abuse enhancement.

According to the criminal complaint, filed on Feb. 1 by the Polk County District Attorney’s Office, the incident took place on the evening of Jan. 30, on the way from Turtle Lake to Osceola, where Rammer was bringing the victim back to his house after a casino date.

Rammer is alleged to have started calling the woman multiple expletives after they got into an argument, and he is then accused of grabbing her by the hair and slamming her head repeatedly into the car window and the steering wheel, even pulling out clumps of her hair in the process.

He then drove her to his home in Osceola and threw her items outside and told her to never come back.

The victim was in pain and went to the hospital several hours later, where they treated her for various facial injuries, including cuts, bruises and a fractured nose, with areas of her scalp appearing to have been pulled out, as well, allegedly from where Rammer grabbed her.

Deputies called Rammer, who said he was with the woman but refused to answer any questions and said nothing happened. 

PCSD deputies went to his home to speak with him in person, but he refused and was taken into custody and placed under arrest. He said he did not want to talk any more about the allegations.

Rammer was later charged with felony substantial battery, which carries a potential sentence of up to three-and-a-half-years in prison and up to or including $10,000 in fines, with another three months of jail time possible on the misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. 

 He appeared before Judge Jeffery Anderson on Thursday, Feb. 1, where the judge set a $500 cash bond and placed a no-contact order with the victim, as well as an order for absolute sobriety. Rammer is scheduled to make an initial appearance on Feb. 26, and remains free on his on that bond until then.