Gambling addiction cited in meth case

BURNETT COUNTY – Craig S. Linder, 48, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, appeared in Burnett County Court Monday, Jan. 29, with Attorney Daniel J. Chapman and the state was represented by district attorney William L. Norine. when a felony possession of methamphetamine was amended to a misdemeanor amphetamine charge and misdemeanor possession of THC and drug paraphernalia were dismissed and read in.

Linder was sentenced to one-year probation since the amount of meth that was found was not deemed enough to be considered for ‘intent to deliver’ and didn’t include tools for intent like scales, baggies, etc., therefore the charge was amended down. Also, the witness’ story in the criminal complaint was not collaborated. In addition to the probation, his sentence was withheld meaning if he violates probation he would return to Judge Mogen to be sentenced and could face up to the maximum sentence in jail and fines.

During Linder’s statement to the court he explained that his gambling addiction was his biggest obstacle, Mogen ordered no contact with any casino, absolute sobriety, no use or possession of illegal substances, AODA, costs and fees, immediate reporting to probation and to speak to them about transferring probation to Minnesota. He must also pay the probation transfer fee of $150 within seven days. He did have jail credit with the amount to be filed after conferring with the jail administrator. – Becky Strabel