April election contests in many villages

The 2018 caucus results

Gregg Westigard | Staff writer

BURNETT/POLK COUNTIES – The January nominating caucuses have been held and the candidates for all the April 3 spring election positions are now known.

There will be contests for most of the village boards in Burnett and Polk counties and two of the Polk towns with five-member boards.

On the other hand, not enough candidates were nominated in Luck Village leaving a write-in contest for one of the three board seats. Webster and Milltown, which use the caucus system, now join Clear Lake and Dresser, which use nominating papers, as the only villages with no contested races.

Two at BL decline

There is one interesting story in Balsam Lake. Candidates nominated at caucuses have a period of time to accept their nominations and take a spot on the ballot. Two of the six candidates nominated at the Balsam Lake caucus Jan. 15 declined their nominations. Darryl Ince and Pete Ruck will not be on the ballot even though they came in ahead of six other nominees at the caucus. However, one of those six, Aimee Newbauer, has already registered as a write-in candidate running against the four nominees who did accept.

The villages of Clear Lake, Dresser, Osceola and Turtle Lake and the cities of Amery and St. Croix Falls used nominating papers to choose their candidates during December. The candidates for these municipalities were reported in the Jan. 10 Leader and can be found on our Spring Election website.

Caucus results for the April 3 municipal elections

(I) = incumbent


Village board trustees serve two-year terms with three of the six trustees elected each year. Village presidents are elected in the odd-numbered years and are not on the ballot this spring.

Here are the candidates for trustee positions:

Grantsburg – Caylin Muehlberg (I), Gregory Peer (I), Jarrod Woody (I), Vincent Zilka, Todd Snyder and Michael Longhenry.

Siren – David Doty, Sr. (I), Marvin Halverson (I), Rudolf Mothes (I), Nick Haessly and Jim Pearson.

Webster – Sarah Casady (I), Kelsey Gustafson (I) and Greg Widiker (I).

Balsam Lake – Steve Biza (I), Caroline Rediske (I), Brandon Scheuer and Eric Jorgenson plus write-in Aimee Newbauer. One seat on board now vacant. Two nominated at caucus declined nomination.

Centuria – Katie Hamm (I), Kevin Kamish (I), Steve Sylvester (I) and Shaun Thayer.

Clayton – Jonathan Bartz (I), Alan Gabe Jr., LuAnn Scharmer and Curtis Schneider. Incumbents Doug Anderson and Scott Donath not running.

Frederic – Brad Harlander (I), Rick Heltemes (I), Todd Miller (I) and Bob Jorgenson.

Luck – Ron Steen (I), Sonja Jensen and write-in spot. Incumbents Rebecca Rowe  and Alan Tomlinson not running.

Milltown – Joe Castellano (I), Larry Kuske (I) and Les Sloper (I).


Four towns have five-member boards, a town chair and four supervisors. Two of the supervisors are elected in the even-numbered years. The chair and the other two supervisors were elected in 2017 to two-year terms.

Alden – Barry Ausen (I), Gerald Anderson and James Schannon. Incumbent Gary Dado not running.

Clayton – Jake Balog (I) and Scott Gilbertson (I).

Eureka – Randall Clark (I), Janet Krueger (I), Paul Schneider and Marvin Sloper.

St. Croix Falls – Katie Appel (I) and possibly Gary Koecher (I) who had not accepted his nomination at press time.