AB70 | Mark Peacock

To Rep. Jarchow:

Some things are more important than money. One of those things is being able to continue to live under this nation’s founding principles. And one of those founding principles is that citizens should be able to know how they are being governed by the people they decide should serve to represent them.

Assembly Bill 70 seeks to allow governments to bypass publishing their business in newspapers and, instead, post it on websites. When you consider the area you represent, we have an aging population with many people who are not proficient in or who do not use electronic media. Further, you represent an area that lags in infrastructure to support electronic media. For the area you represent, newspapers are the best, and sometimes the only, source of information about issues that affect people.

The dollars proposed to be saved by this change are small, but the public impact is large. In the interests of real representation, I encourage you to vote against AB70.

Mark Peacock