No new contests for Polk County Board

No new faces in April

Gregg Westigard | Staff writer

BALSAM LAKE – There will be no contested Polk County supervisor seats in the April 3 spring election. Fourteen incumbents are running unopposed for re-election. And the only candidate for the single open seat in Amery is a former county board member. Michael Larsen, who filed to replace Kate Isakson, served four terms on the county board in the past. This is the only time Polk County has had an uncontested county board election since the entire board became elected. The filing period for candidates ended Tuesday, Jan.2, at 5 p.m.

Isakson, who was appointed to the board in March 2017 after the death of Warren Nelson, chose not to run for a full term. Larsen served as a supervisor for four terms from 2002 until he was defeated by Nelson in 2010. Interestingly, Larsen first was elected to the board by defeating Jay Luke who had been appointed to fill a vacancy in January 2002, too late for him to get on the ballot and forcing him to run as a write-in.

Until the 1966 election, the county board included the chairs of the 24 towns who automatically served as supervisors and elected supervisors from the villages and cities in the county. The 1966 election was the first time the entire board was elected. Every election from 1966 until now had some contested seats.