Burnett deputy found guilty for OWI with passenger under 16

Trevor Thiex accepts plea – jury trial cancelled

SHAWANO COUNTY – Burnett County Sheriff’s Deputy Trevor K. Thiex was found guilty last week of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, first offense, with a passenger under 16 years old.

Thiex, 35, Hertel, was found guilty of the criminal misdemeanor due to a no contest plea, on Thursday, Nov. 30, in Shawano County Court. The charge of operating a vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration, greater than or equal to .08 and less than .15.

Wisconsin law states a person can only be convicted of one of the charges, but the penalties are the same for both. An OWI is based on observation of driving where a PAC targets blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit.

Court records show that Thiex accepted a plea and a jury trial was canceled. The judge follows the joint recommendation and sentenced Thiex to $1,064 total for fines, costs and a DNA surcharge. $42.50 blood draw fee, five days in jail with Huber and good time; credit for any time served. The judge also ordered AODA and revoked Thiex’s driver’s license for 12 months. He can apply immediately for an occupational license if he meets all requirements.

Thiex reported directly to the jail.

The charges stem from an incident that happened Dec. 24, 2016, when Thiex was stopped by Shawano County Sheriff’s deputies. A caller reported to the Shawano County Sheriff’s Office that a blue van was driving erratically and had almost collided with the caller’s vehicle. Thiex told deputies that he was “all over the road” due to being tired after returning home from a Packers game.He reported that he had drunk a half-dozen beers between 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., approximately two hours before the traffic stop. The juvenile in the vehicle was his son.

Following county, union and state policies, Thiex is on unpaid administrative leave from the Burnett County Sheriffs Department where he serves as a deputy. He is also employed by the Siren Police Department and Siren Police Chief Chris Sybers stated no comment when asked about Thiex.