Libertarian Brian Corriea makes 10th Senate District special election ballot

WILSON – Libertarian Brian Corriea, of Wilson, has been confirmed by the Wisconsin Election Committee as having met the ballot requirements for the Jan. 16, 2018, special election for Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District race.  Corriea, a nine-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, moved back to western Wisconsin in 2003 and is the first Libertarian to ever run for the 10th District Senate seat.

“Libertarians broke every record in the last election, and I see this election as an opportunity to continue to share the benefits of a free society here in western Wisconsin.  Free people are peaceful people,” Corriea says.

According to the campaign, Corriea will focus on key tenets of the Libertarianism of limited government and explaining the moral hazard as presented in deals such as Foxconn.  The candidate feels strongly that the public does not support interference in the free market.  

“Here is a positive promise for any taxpayer in western Wisconsin that no business will be receiving special treatment using taxpayer money,” says Corriea.  “It’s time for Wisconsin taxpayers to have a member elected to the state Legislature who ends that practice.”

Corriea has already garnered the support of Libertarians around the state.  Endorsements have already been made by 2017 Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, Phil Anderson, and 2014 Libertarian candidate for governor, Robert Burke.

“Brian is a strong Libertarian voice and speaks well to the issues,” says Anderson.  “His run will offer people a chance to hear a new perspective based in freedom, and that will stand out in the race whether he wins or not.”