Don’t be fooled twice | Mark Peacock

Adam Jarchow’s expensive outside funded mailers tout him as a conservative.

He’s not.

Conservatives always have believed government is best when it’s closest to home. Yet, we lost control of our waters and shorelines when two years ago ethically challenged Jarchow oozed state control over those into the budget process where it could not be debated or discussed. That move was slimy enough so that this year’s budget makers decided something like that would not be allowed. Our local control, however, was lost to Madison.

Conservatives always have been careful of the environment. Yet, Jarchow pushed for a special exemption, another law giving Madison control over local governance, for a profit-making enterprise that’s incompatible with the federally protected St.Croix River.

Conservatives cherish the Constitution and believe in the importance of our First Amendment right to free speech, Yet, Jarchow encouraged people to boycott local newspapers, presumably because he didn’t like what was being said. That’s the mark of a bully—and of a small man.

In marketing Jarchow as a conservative, we are being conned. Even the timing of the coming election is slimy with the skids greased to usher him into the state senate. It’s all slick, with even real conservatives who exercised local control well on our county board going along with the charade.

It would be good for us to remember the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Mark Peacock