Buyer’s remorse | Dennis Klinkhamer

 Yes, folks, there is starting to be signs of remorse of working-class voters who fell for Trump’s pledge to replace the Affordable Care Act with a health care system that would be better for everyone!

Well, the failed health care plan that the Republicans presented and was approved by Trump would have caused an estimated 24 million Americans to lose their health care, according to the Congressional Budget Office. It barely failed. Thanks to the Democrats and John McCain it did fail. One  thing that the failed plan did was expose the complete hypocrisy of the Republican senators and congressmen who refused to even study the bill to see what was in it.

Trump and the Republican leadership are obsessed with giving billionaires another giant windfall at the expense of millions of Americans who would lose their health care. We have already gone through this with the George Bush giant tax cuts that did absolutely nothing for the vast majority of Americans.  One must remember that with the tax shelters, tax havens, deductions and other tax schemes available to the wealthy, virtually none of them pay the full tax. Why do you think Trump didn’t reveal what he paid in taxes? Ask yourself that.

Remember this, if people don’t have access to health care it is a virtual death sentence or an early death for a good percentage of them. Classic lesson learned.

Inform yourself before you vote. Don’t listen to what they say but look at what they do.

In Trump’s case it was all there.

Dennis Klinkhamer

Clear Lake