Block & Cleaver Artisan Meats launches store in Siren

Follow the signs that start at Nyberg Road and Hwy. 70 just a short distance to the new meat shop west of Siren. - Photos by Becky Strabel

SIREN – Block & Cleaver Artisan Meats recently launched its specialty meat retail store located just west of Siren off Nyberg Road. It features a fresh meat counter with beef, locally raised heritage pork and specialty smoked and fresh sausages. Offerings include snack sticks, including favorite flavors such as hunters, chipotle pineapple and jalapeno pepper jack cheese; jerky, including original, pepper, BBQ and hunters; summer sausages, including cranberry and wild rice; sausages, including bacon and cheddar, chorizo, andouille, bleu cheese, dark beer and wild rice; hotdogs; and other specialties including smoked holiday hams and prime rib cut-to-order are available. Block & Cleaver will be accepting venison, must be boneless and trimmed, to produce venison-smoked products and sausages.

The retail store is open Monday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Block & Cleaver combines the traditional artisan butcher and sausage maker with the growing consumer demand for locally raised and produced meats as well as the need for a more natural alternative to the standard sausage and smoked products offered in the marketplace including naturally smoked and cured bacon and ham.

Block & Cleaver is a small federally-inspected facility located 7991 1st St. in Siren, a half mile west and one block south of Hwy 70, same building as Square One Pizza.  The facility is uniquely located 90 minutes northeast of the Twin Cities and 90 minutes southwest of Duluth, in the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods.

Block & Cleaver was established in April 2016 by Adrian Dykstra when he purchased the sausage and smoked products equipment and a portion of the production area from Square One Pizza.  Then they expanded to include a specialty cutting area for locally raised beef, pork, lamb and goats sold through private label farms and distributors.

Block & Cleaver has products marketed into the Twin Cities, Duluth and Western Wisconsin markets through private label brands sold in over 100 restaurants, boutique retail shops, farmers markets, and co-ops.

The company currently sells its products at a few well-known local businesses. Cuts and flavor profiles to meet chef’s needs are on Rude’s Cafe menu in Siren. Wild Bills, Log Cabin, Little Hertel Gas Station, The Main Store in Webb Lake, Fur, Fin, & Feathers, Big Mikes and A&H feature a variety of snack sticks and jerky.

Customers look to Block & Cleaver to develop new products, meat and flavor profiles to meet the chef and the consumer. Block & Cleaver has a strong team of over 20 employees and plans to continue to grow through both Cleaver branded and private label customers.   Additional information and updated hours will be available at or follow them on Facebook.