Frederic day of unity

5th Grader RACER Logan Williamson helps Sonya Sawall write a quality on her chain. The Frederic Elementary participated in Unity Day. - Photos by Becky Strabel
Frederic Elementary School participated in Unity Day sponsored by Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center on Wednesday, Oct. 25. The students participated¬†by uniting for kindness and with members of the staff wore orange to show that they were united and against bullying. Morning activities included orange face paint lead by the 5th-grade RACERS (R – Respect,¬†A – Attitude,¬†C – Cooperation,¬†E – Effort,¬†R – Responsible,¬†S – Self-Control)¬†who also played with the¬†K-2nd-grade¬†students at recess. The older students then lead a mix-it-up event at lunch where all students were given a piece of candy that determined their seating arrangement for the hour which made for a quieter lunchtime since kids weren’t¬†sitting with their friends and the ages also interacted.
The RACERS asked questions about what qualities they liked in their friendships, whether they are nice, funny, etc. They then wrote the words on a paper chain that will be spelled out the word UNITED in cursive on the wall which will remind students throughout the year that they are kind and don’t want bullying to happen. The event was organized by guidance counselor Amber Johnson.