Four students rushed to hospital

Woman arrested after four students suffer from apparent prescription drug overdose

Becky Strabel | Staff writer

SIREN – A Hayward woman was arrested as a result of a search being conducted in the village of Siren when four juveniles were taken by ambulance from the school for drug overdoses. Phyllis Belille, 23, Hayward, was arrested for outstanding warrants but was later found to possess methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and prescriptions with intent to deliver.

The Siren Police Department was called to the high school around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 19, after one student was concerned about having an overdose. When the officer arrived, he noticed another staggering student leaning along a wall. He was told that two others had also taken the non-narcotic prescription drug.

Siren Police Chief Chris Sybers, who was scheduled to be at a Burnett County board meeting, arrived after one individual was already taken by North Memorial ambulance to the Spooner Health hospital. Two others were also transported by ambulance to Spooner, and another was transported to Burnett Medical Center in Grantsburg. All ambulances left the school within an hour of the initial call. The students were released from the hospital after several hours of observation.

Siren Schools Superintendent Kevin Shetler released the following statement regarding the student code of conduct violation. “The Siren School District is working with the local police department to keep the students, staff, and Siren School community members in a safe educational environment. Our administrators were diligent, cautious and collaborative with law enforcement officials.”

According to Sybers, the medication was not prescribed to those involved. The ages and genders of the students have not been released at this time. The SPD is continuing its investigation, and one youth is in a juvenile detention facility. Siren Police Department, St. Croix Tribal Police Department, and Burnett County Sheriff’s Department participated in the incident.