Thimbles Quilt Shop owner makes United Women Veterans flag

Shown with the United Women Veterans Northwestern Chapter flag are (L to R): Thimbles Quilt Shop owner Debbie Wertanen, Terri Corrie, Marshelle Machtan, Cora Sower, Lisa Swenson, Jill Matthys, Kerri Adams and Lisa Powers. – Photo submitted

SPOONER— The United Women Veterans Northwestern Chapter organization was in need of a Women Veterans organizational flag.  The flags are similar to those that VFW and American Legion posts carry in the local parades and on display on Memorial Day.

Debbie Wertanen, owner of the Thimbles Quilt Shop in Spooner, volunteered to hand make a flag for the northwestern chapter of the United Women Veterans.  It took Wertanen two months to complete the project, with many hours dedicated, while laboring over the silky material and the five military branch emblems along with gold fringe trim. The final results were just exactly what the ladies desired.

Recently, seven of the UWV-NWC members visited the Thimbles Quilt Shop to award Wertanen with a certificate of appreciation for her efforts and time for completing the flag.  At this time, the organization was able to present Wertanen with a check payment of $300 for her services. Wertanen in return asked the organization to donate the money on her behalf to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier replica project.