County board chair: will appoint for vacant position

graphic washburn county logo seal image

Danielle Danford | Staff writer

SHELL LAKE—The Washburn County Board position representing District 2 will be filled by appointment, according to Thomas Mackie, county board chair.

L.H. “Skip” Fiedler resigned from the position Monday, Sept. 25, leaving the residents that live in the Town of Minong and part of the Town of Chicog without representation on the county board.

Mackie informed the Register that an advertisement for the District 2 position has been placed and the board hopes to fill the position by appointment in October.

There are 21 elected positions on the Washburn County board, and they also serve on different committees as assigned. Fiedler served on the executive, finance, forestry, highway and dam committees. Fiedler was chair of the finance and forestry committees.