Lakers come from behind to win

Natalie Jury tips the ball just over the Prairie Farm defender’s fingertip. The turning point in the game came when the team took control of the net and put the Prairie Farm team back on their heels.
Anna Mikula with a spike at the net. Shell Lake took control of the net in the third game to come back to beat Prairie Farm 5-2 in the best of five games. Shell Lake trailed 0-2 before the momentum switched and Shell Lake won the next three games. — Photos by Larry Samson
Kaitlyn Harraghy at the serving line. It was a tied game at 21 when Harraghy came to win 25-21 in the third game of the night on Thursday, Sept. 7. The upset over Prairie Farm came as no surprise for the Shell Lake players. With the win over Northwood early in the week and the Prairie Farm win, Shell Lake is 2-2 in the Lakeland Central Conference.