St. Francis students participate in monarch project

The students watch carefully as Ms. Baranczyk releases the monarch butterflies they raised from caterpillars. They started out with 10 caterpillars and released nine butterflies. The lesson they came away with is that they can make a difference.
Haiden Stariha and Max Paffel are planting flowers to help make this a better world. — Photos by Larry Samson
Kathy Focht is helping to teach Annabelle Tupa how to plant flowers. Her experience as a gardener and her passion for nature is taking seed in a child’s mind.
Ms. Baranczyk’s kindergarten class spent an afternoon on Leisure Lake planting flowers and releasing monarch butterflies as a St. Francis School project. Shown (L to R): Ms. Baranczyk, Kara Danielsen, Molly Snider, Norah Focht, Cord Becker and Macey Coblentz. Front: Annabelle Tupa, Max Paffel, Owen Leckel, Remington Wilt, Haiden Stariha and Nash Focht.
Molly Snider selected a flower that is her favorite color.
The young St. Francis students say goodbye to the butterflies they raised. One of these monarch butterflies might someday make its way to Mexico when they migrate in the fall.